World Boss Info, Health and Tips

World Bosses’ Introduction

World Boss events are extremely popular in Wartune Hall of Heroes. The World Bosses are Bloodfang and Redoga Drake and they spawn at specific times during the day (check your events timing – usually morning and evening time) and at this time often the majority of players go to participate in this event by attacking the World Bosses.

It is not possible to win the battles against World Bosses. Here the concept is to attack them and hit them as hard as possible, then die and attack again. In exchange for this you earn gold and daru directly proportional to the damage you inflict on the World Boss. So in the beginning you will earn little, but as you get stronger your earnings will become immense.

WHOH World Boss Bloodfang

World Boss Health

World Boss usually starts off with a relatively smaller amount of health, but as the players are able to vanquish him under 10 minutes then, the following day, he will appear with a lot more health. He will continue getting bigger as long as the players are able to defeat him under 10 minutes.

World Boss Damage Type

The damage type of the World Bosses can be important for those players who are not yet able to survive a full round with them. Bloodfang (and Ragnoch, retired) do Physical Damage or PATK, while the Redoga Drake does Magic Damage or MATK.

WHOH World Boss Redoga Drake

World Boss Event Rewards

Players get a large proportion of their gold and daru income form the World Boss events. Your income is directly connected to your damage dealt with a ratio of 1 gold/dary to 5 points of damage, so the more the damage the more your income. Example: if you do 1 million damage to the World Boss you will earn 200,000 gold and 200,000 daru.

Moreover, all players have a chance to hit the final blow and vanquish the World Boss. The one who does this will be rewarded with a huge amount of gold, usually 1.5 million or more depending on World Boss health.

And, if that was not enough, there are additional prizes for the top damage dealers, both for Top 10 damage dealt players and for dealing more than 0.3% of damage.

Rank Additional Reward
1 300,000 gold + 300,000 daru
2 270,000 gold + 270,000 daru
3 240,000 gold + 240,000 daru
4-10 180,000 gold + 180,000 daru


World Boss Fighting Tips

Playing smart when fighting the World Boss can lead to higher profits, so it makes sense to experiment different combinations and see which one yields the most amount of gold and daru income for you. When you do this, also take into account the time taken, because some attack sequences can take a longer time while you think that they bring more earnings.

Here are some tips from your best friend COSMOS 🙂

  • When you are lagging or tired or lazy, use the AFK mode. The AFK more is immune to lag ^^ and still brings a decent amount of income.
  • Don’t just start the AFK mode with your regular skills selected. Prepare a smart combination of skills. You definitely want to remove from your skill bar shield, purification, scatter and similar skills. You can consider having 2 delphics or 2 x strong skills with cooldowns.
  • In AFK: Knights can experiment with only slasher and 2 delphics and compare with including ultimate slasher. Other classes also – experiment with smart combinations.
  • When playing manually it is super important to double attack the World Boss! Archers do this the easiest, Knights the hardest and Mages in the middle. To double attack wait for your character to start moving for an auto-attack and immediately press a medium-fast skill. Your character should be able to do the auto attack and immediately hit a second time.
  • Ultimate attacks of World Bosses cannot be survived early on, but after approximately 150,000 Battle Rating you can begin thinking about surviving the ultimate attack.
  • Try use critical astrals for World Boss events even if you are following Will Destroyer build. The crit rates are naturally increased during World Boss event, so even with lower crit levels you might be earning more gold and daru in average. Hardcore players even switch around gems for this event. Archers are of course lucky in this since they don’t have to switch anything.
  • Deflection astral reflecting damage does not give you more earnings. Blood rune, though, does.
  • If you have a hard time surviving a full round keep your troops in the front. But the moment you can survive put your troops in the back so they don’t die and help dealing more damage.
  • Focus on increasing your offense always to get more income from the World Boss event. This means, for example, first leveling up PATK/MATK guild skills or astrals or academy attacks of your character as well as troops before you level up other things.
  • For crit build Determination astral level up is more important than Sniper astral level up. The damage percentage increase from Determination astral has a much bigger effect.
  • Refine your equipment to increase your offensive power.
  • For crit build have crit gems on all your equipment. Of course I assume that you already have PATK or MATK gems depending on your class on all items.
  • Often write in your guild chat how much you are earning. This helps the whole guild to see who is doing good and helps similar people compare their performances and then chat together to learn how to improve.
  • The timing when you press skills is very important as well as the quantity of lag you have at that particular moment. You have to acquire a feeling for it and make quick adaptive decisions if things don’t go according to plan. That said, try to solidify a reliable attack sequence which you can repeat a million times and always get the same result.

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