WHOH Game Update 5.1 [ Gossip / Unconfirmed ]

Hi Everyone! In this post I gossip with you about exciting new things coming up for Wartune Hall of Heroes game update 5.1!
As always, remember that nothing here is a promise or a guarantee, I classify this as 100% gossip even if it turns out to be 100% true! 

Game Update Timing:
Current expected timing is end of Feb / beginning of March. I will try to update you if/when I get more exact timing information.

Let’s get into the tasty part of my gossip info 😛

New Feature: Class Advancement [ Gossip / Unconfirmed ]
This is, in short, for Level 80 players to become more awesome 

Dragon Soul System 5.1 WHOH

New Feature: Dragon Invasion
This is, in short, a maximum 20 minute dungeon where you fight stronger and stronger bosses for lots of treasures 😛

New Feature: Advanced Skills
These are new additional skills available for all classes after class advancement is completed.

New Feature: Sylph Atoll Boss – Protect Sylph Atoll
This is a system where a boss appears in the Atoll that players can go kill for rewards. Possibly a number of times during the day and possibly as a competition mode.

New Feature: Holy Forge system
This is, in short, a new upgrade ability for maxed out equipment which makes it a lot more powerful!

New Feature: Group Purchase
This is a new ability to buy things as a group which possibly makes the prices cheaper the more items are purchased.

New Feature: VIP Shop
This is a shop available only to VIP players with lots of goodies to buy!

New Feature: Influence
This is an additional feature in the Fate system with possibly new items, more stats for players and the new Influence attribute which affects stunning.

So get ready for lots more excitement in Wartune Hall of Heroes game update 5.1!
I will update this thread with more exact info,
GM Cosmos

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