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Hey guys, mid-end November there will be another update for Wartune Hall of Heroes, the update 5.0, and here I share with you some gossip about it. Please note that nothing here is a promise or a guarantee, I classify this as 100% gossip even if it turns out to be 100% true.

Sylph Tier 2 – God Transformation

There will be the possibility to refine or evolve sylphs to a higher tier to become more powerful. I cannot say at present if all or some options will be made available from day 1 but there is a pretty good chance that either all or a roll-out of this will start with version 5.0.

Just for information the names of the evolved / transformed sylphs are:

  • Water Refine Sylph – Triton
  • Wind Refine Sylph – Medusa
  • Fire Refine Sylph – Cerberus
  • Electro Refine Sylph – Hercules
  • Dark Refine Sylph – Gaia
  • Light Refine Sylph – Athena
Refine Sylph - Triton


Refine Sylph - Medusa


Refine Sylph - Hercules


Refine Sylph - Gaia


Refine Sylph - Cerberus


Refine Sylph - Athena


Resistance Counter System

Will Crystals will be the counter to resistance, they are also called the resistance reduction crystals as they will increase your damage by reducing the protection of your enemy. Getting will crystals will naturally be much harder than resistance crystals as they work on everything while resist is element based.

Players will be able to get Will Crystals both by playing / events as well as purchases.

Sky Trail

New feature offered by NPC character,

New battle system where players will have to pass multiple stages in many levels to get star tear shards and star sands. These are the basic material for Sylph God Transformation.

Gods Descent

New major event which is manually launched.

Players get to fight bosses which get harder and harder. Each boss must be killed within 30 minutes or his health will refill. Attempts can be gotten over time or purchased. Each boss will give players rewards and the first person who kills the boss on the server will get a special reward!

New Troops

  • Demonic Knight
  • Demonic Angel

The most powerful troops available!

Demonic Knight

Demonic Knight

Demonic Angel

Demonic Angel


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