Wartune HOH Valentine Card Contest

Wartune Heroes! To spread love and joy (and rewards :P) we open a Valentine Card Contest! 

Create your own Wartune inspired Valentine Card for your chance to win in-game rewards! You have until the 9th of February to prepare and post your card in this thread (don’t forget to add in your post your character name and server number!).

On the 10th of February, Wartune Team will select Top 10 best cards and I will create a new forum thread using the poll system for those 10 cards for everyone to vote for the winners.

Last chance to vote for winners = 14th of February. On the 15th of February the voting is closed and the rewards will be sent to the 10 winners like so:

#1 gets 10 x Valentine Treasures packages
#2 gets 8 x Valentine Treasures packages
#3 gets 6 x Valentine Treasures packages
#4-#10 gets 5 x Valentine Treasures packages

Valentine Treasures package consists of:
  10 x Roses
2 x L5 Bound Balen Seed (20 bb)
3 x L2 Golden Nirvana (100k g)
2 x Level 9 Luck Stone

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Author: DolyGames

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