Wartune HoH QTE design is awesome!

Hey guys, one of the most awesome design features in the Wartune Hall of Heroes is the completely changed QTE design compared with the web version of the game. But it does not only look amazing – it also works a little bit different.

First up as many of you know the web version’s QTE looks like this:

Wartune web version QTE design

It’s pretty simple and straightforward, just pressing the correct arrow keys on the keyboard in the shown sequence to get the bonus damage or effects of the various skills.

But the Wartune Hall of Heroes did not take the easy road of just copying this, they made it way cooler – check it out below! And just before the screenshots I also want to add, because a lot of players get confused about it actually, that the way it works is that you do not press the keys as shown, but in the true fashion of the touch screen technology, you have to press and drag from 1 to 2 to 3, etc.

Wartune HoH QTE design is awesome 1

Wartune HoH QTE design is awesome 2

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