Wartune HoH May 2014 Events

Hey guys, here is a full user-friendly schedule of the Wartune HoH May 2014 Events. You can enlarge the picture and print or save on your PC so that you don’t miss any events.

The monthly event item is the Small Red Flower. Collecting these you can exchange for rewards using the Exchange Table. You can also see on the schedule how many you can collect both for free players and paid players, which is 72 for the free ones if you complete all the Wartune HoH May events and 152 and more depending on how many balen boxes you buy for the paid players.

There are lots of nice rewards in the exchange table as well as an additional mount: the cute Piggy / Pig Card.

Wartune HoH May 2014 Events Schedule by COSMOS:

Wartune HoH May 2014 Events

The May 2014 Events Exchange Table is:

Small Red Flower x1 for 30,000 Daru
Small Red Flower x10 for Soul Crystals x30
Small Red Flower x25 for Mount Training Whips x25
Small Red Flower x40 Stately Mask x1
Small Red Flower x45 Sanuine Robes x1
Small Red Flower x50 Gothic Edge x1
Small Red Flower x80 Socketing Rods x5
Small Red Flower x140 Fallen Demon Wings x1
Small Red Flower x190 Pig Card

And also a visual version:

Wartune HoH May 2014 Events Exchange Table

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