Wartune HOH Halloween Forum Contest

Greetings Heroes! With the Halloween approaching fast we open this Wartune HOH Halloween Contest for everyone to have fun and perhaps win valuable prizes!


1. Create a picture/image to combine the Halloween celebration in the theme/spirit of Wartune Hall of Heroes!

2. Incorporate in a small way our new upcoming sylph Hades who, by the way, loves the Halloween! 🙂

3. Upload it somewhere (e.g. a free image sharing service) and post the link to your image on the forum post.

4. [ Important ! ] Below the link post your exact character name and server exactly like this example: S20 Johndoe

Note 1: please respect the format! as we have to do manual work to collect and pay out prizes!! – ignoring format will make an error and you will not get the prize!

Note 2: one entry per player


We start accepting submissions from right now up to, and including, the 1st of November.

On the 1st,I will close the thread, we will pick 10 best submissions and I will open a new thread with a POLL for everyone to vote for the Top 10 rankings.


Rank 1-2: 3 million gold + 30 Dark Essences Dark Essence Wartune HOH + Level 1 Succubus Wings

Rank 3-5: 2 million gold + 20 Dark Essences Dark Essence Wartune HOH + Level 1 Black Dragon Wings

Rank 6-10: 1 million gold + 10 Dark Essences Dark Essence Wartune HOH + Level 1 Dark Demon Wings

Wartune HOH Halloween Contest - Wings

Related images for reference:

Hades Sylph Seal Wartune HOH

Hades Sylph Seal Wartune HOH

Hades Cosmos Wartune HOH

Hades Cosmos Wartune HOH

Dark Essence Wartune HOH

This item is a high value item used to exchange for a Hades Sylph Seal.

Dark Essence Wartune HOH

Dark Essence description

Note: the description is unfortunately wrong – it has nothing to do with Sylph Atoll or exchanging.

Dark Essence description Wartune HOH

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