Wartune HOH Halloween Forum Contest

Hey guys, the Wartune HOH Halloween Forum Contest voting has been finished and the rewards will be sent shortly to all the winners. In this post I want to share the voting results as well as the Top 10 pictures for everyone to enjoy:

Voting Results – Wartune HOH Halloween Forum Contest

Players Votes Vote %
s47 •damide• 29 27.36%
S4 Mightysire 29 27.36%
S04 Isindur 13 12.26%
S49 Misty 9 8.49%
S67 Douluo 8 7.55%
S29 Fauvettes 5 4.72%
s18 Provectus 4 3.77%
S50 KingArcher 4 3.77%
S74 Kalad 3 2.83%
S22 Elshaytan 2 1.89%

Winner Rewards:

Rank 1-2: 3 million gold + 30 Dark Essences + Level 1 Succubus Wings
Rank 3-5: 2 million gold + 20 Dark Essences + Level 1 Black Dragon Wings
Rank 6-10: 1 million gold + 10 Dark Essences + Level 1 Dark Demon Wings

Top 10 Wartune HOH Halloween Pictures

s47 •damide•

S4 Mightysire

S04 Isindur

S49 Misty

S67 Douluo

S29 Fauvettes

s18 Provectus

S50 KingArcher

S74 Kalad

S22 Elshaytan

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Author: DolyGames

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  1. Been waiting for a whole day already…………….

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  2. When you say shortly, please specify what time…… your shortly has me waiting for 1 day…

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  3. Deberían dar recompensa a todos los que han participado, por su trabajo y esfuerzo.
    Es muy personal la selección de 10 que habéis hecho, creo que habéis dejado fuera, algunos dibujos que eran tan válidos o más que los que habéis seleccionado.
    Gracias por vuestro esfuerzo y trabajo.

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