Wartune HOH game update 4.2 – GOSSIP info #4

Hey guys, here is the latest and probably last gossip on the game update 4.2, because we are going to have it very soon already. The great news is that there are going to be 3 additional awesome improvements in addition to everything mentioned in Gossip #3 and Gossip #2. These are:

  • Bounty quest attempts reduced from from 20 times per day to 10 times per day but rewards is doubled, so less time to lose but same rewards!
  • Cross server sylph arena, which I announced in Gossip #3 will also have bigger prizes!
  • Tank trials event duration will be set to 15 minutes and it will be available to enter twice a day!

Wartune HOH game update 4.2 – GOSSIP info #4

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