Wartune HOH game update 4.2 – GOSSIP info #3

Hey guys, I received a bit more info on the game update v4.2 which I share with you in this small post, but also refer to the #2 post for all the other points which are still active – in this update I just write what I received most recently.

Recent update I received about game update v4.2

–> New Sylph – Hades : confirmed!!!

Hades rose from the ashes to join Wartune. Collect him today to unleash his power.

Some sweet info about Hades:

  • Firstly, Hades is awesome 🙂
  • Hades is a PATK sylph
  • His element is Dark (so Yoda does not use him :P)
  • He has many interesting skills, he can attack and drain HP to himself, he can hit AOE skills
    • He has strategic skills as well
  • Naturally Dark and Light hate each other 🙂
  • He will increase player PDEF

game update 4.2 - New Sylph Hades confirmed

–> Cross Server Sylph Arena

Compete cross-server in the Sylph Arena! Become the strongest fighter.

–> Imperial Glory

Complete this new quest with General Williams to gain bonus stats from your titles.

This is a system via which everyone can gain more stats from all titles that players accumulate. Some titles give huge bonuses while others smaller, but they all add up, so even the smallest one is very useful.

All in all a very cool thing as number of titles that players can achieve increases constantly and so one can get more and more stats from titles as well as other Wartune HOH features.

The topics below I think I have already mentioned before – please refer to my #2 version article.

–> Lost Treasure

Talk to Berdim in Cloud City to earn new rewards. Collect different types of treasure maps such as epic and legendary to earn earn rewards.

–> Divorce Card

Want a new lover? Andrew can no longer help you divorce, purchase the Divorce Card in the shop.

–> New Content

Collect new mounts and fashion item! Mount and Fashion items can also be recycled now. Show off your new ride and gear!

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  1. Wahouuuu i’m exited ^_^

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  2. Any chance of appollo be stronger? Not really impressed with him and if hades as weak not sure if worth it.

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  3. How can one obtain Hades sylph?

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