Wartune HOH game update 4.1 – Gossip 9 June

Hey everyone, I want to share with you some gossip info on the next game update of Wartune HOH which is the update 4.1 coming soon!

Game Update 4.1 Timing:

I cannot confirm exact timing at this stage but it is sometime in June! Probably more towards the end of it, but if we get lucky maybe even the middle! 🙂

Game Update 4.1 Features Gossip:

Again, no guarantees, sharing gossip that there are good chances that the game update will include the following:

Apollo Sylph – Light Element (I think there can be a chance also for Hades (Dark element))

Wartune HOH game update 4.1 - Gossip 9 June - Apollo

Circuit Quests – a whole bunch of quests to do for a lot of extra rewards

Wartune HOH game update 4.1 - Gossip 9 June - Circuit Quests

Bug Fixes – Of course there are going to be also bug fixes to improve the game and make everything better for all the players.

And that’s all the gossip I have right now! 🙂
I hope you enjoyed,
GM Cosmos

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