Wartune Hall of Heroes Touch Screen Movement

Hey guys, so in Wartune HoH there are 2 ways (well 3 actually) that you can move around.

1) The first and most simple one is you can just touch the screen wherever you want to go and your character will move there (this also includes attacking).

2) The second way you see on the screenshot below is to use the semi-transparent movement trigger, which is very pleasant and fun, but I found to be less easy than the 1st option.

3) And lastly, in some places like the Battleground you have a built-in button to click to automatically move somewhere (like collecting resources in the Battleground).

Wartune HoH Screenshots #3 - touch screen movement tools

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  1. Hey guys,so in wartine hoh there are 2 ways( well 3 actualliy)that you can move around.

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