Wartune Hall of Heroes Screenshots #3

Hey guys, 3 more screenshots; we start with the re-designed Battleground where most mechanics are the same as the web version, but there is a really cool feature in Wartune HoH where they have added a “Collect Crystals” button which automatically moves you to the crystals and starts the collection and, moreover, there is a button to return the crystals as well, so now the cart runners can play in an enjoyable semi-lazy mode, which also gives you the opportunity to chat with your guild or friends while moving around (or watch a movie on the other screen :P)

Wartune HoH Screenshots #3 - battleground design

Next up, just having a look at the pleasant design of the Daily Check ins with the calendar as well as the rewards and the other windows in the tabs:

Wartune HoH Screenshots #3 - daily checkin rewards

And last, but definitely not the least, we have the clothing identification, which is unique (at least right now) to Wartune HoH as the web version of Wartune does not have this yet (in most European platforms). The clothing or fashion identification is quite expensive but it gives permanent additional stats like you see on the picture:

Wartune HoH Screenshots #3 - clothing identification stats

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    • i am not a game master but i have direct connection to kabam and we all work hard to make everyone happy (i.e. both the players and the company)

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  1. When you say that the clothing identification on Wartune HoH “…gives permanent additional stats…” does it mean all things identified combined? As in if I identified my hat than synthesized it a level (assuming it changed the appearance) and researched it again; I would have both stats buffing me while I only have one of the identified hats on, or even no hat at all?

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    • Yes, so if you have 20 different clothing types and you identify them all then you will get the benefit from all of them even if you wear only one of them.

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