Wartune Hall of Heroes Screenshots #2

Moving forward with the Wartune HoH screenshots, the typing is a bit of a pain if you are not used to a virtual keyboard, and even if you are, this part, of course, is not comparable to the regular PC/laptop – the communication in Wartune HoH is a lot more difficult I would say:

Wartune HoH Screenshots #2 - keyboard

The login rewards are of course very nice but naturally are only a one time benefit:

Wartune HoH Screenshots #2 - login rewards

And here I am standing almost all alone at the World Boss event on the test server – there was usually nobody on, but here someone else logged on for 1 fight 🙂

Wartune HoH Screenshots #2 - alone at World Boss

And finally what you have in Wartune Hall of Heroes, which the Wartune web version people have been wishing for a long time – a 100% working Auction House:

Wartune HoH Screenshots #2 - auction house

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