Wartune Christmas Card Contest Very Successful

Hey guys, I am really happy to see how successful the Wartune Christmas / New Year card contest was with so many people submitting very nice cards. So I wanted to go over all the cards people have submitted and post here the ones I personally liked more.

So I also wish everyone Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and an amazing New Year 2015!
and here are my personal favorites from all the submissions: (remember, there are no losers, everyone who made a card is rewarded: 10 Stockings + 10 Roses + 10 Soul Crystals + 10 Mount Whips)

(in no special order; click to enlarge the picture)

Christmas Cards – MacOneTwo Server 25

Christmas Cards – Flippi EU33

Christmas Cards – FairyFey Server 18 Europe

Christmas Cards – Sorsha S38

Christmas Cards – snoop82 S25

Christmas Cards – Server 18 Europe Darwi

Christmas Cards – Provectus S18

Christmas Cards – PinkTaco Server 8 US West

Christmas Cards – Paulyan Server 10

And if I have to pick few of the cards:

I don’t know why but i really like the one from Darwi in the desert 🙂

I also think Snoop82 is awesome for his sense of humor / wordplay – i love the “blitzful holidays” 🙂

And lastly I like Flippi’s card with “raw Wartune awesomeness” 😛

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