V3.1 Additional Game Features

Hey guys, there are more good news with the March/April 2015 game update as there are a whole bunch of additional new things that everyone can enjoy which were not announced and in this post I want to highlight those things for everyone’s benefit. In the future I will try to get the full list of changes for the patches, but for this patch I had only received the key changes, which I announced ahead of time, but these I didn’t have in advance to communicate, so here they are:

(this list is a compilation of points reported by players for the game version / patch 3.1 + feedback from the Wartune Team)

V3.1 Additional Game Features

  • Level 60 and 70 epic shards are now also available in the guild shop. Can now buy with gold instead of insignia.
  • The ranking, mail and settings buttons are now under the more button.
  • New titles have been added such as Mech Master, Hero for Life, and 3 Sylph related titles.
  • 4 refinement crystal was added to the shop.
  • Evil Unicorn mount has been added to blacksmith.
  • Sanctuary Seahorse mount has been added to the mystery shop.
  • Blitzing has been added to the tormented necropolis.
  • Late sign-in button has been added to the check in menu (not sure what exactly it does yet)
  • Some UI and font changes/improvements.
  • Warehouse capacity increased to 5x what it was before
  • We can see the time left on our medals
  • And for level campers: once you get rid of the quest notification once by going into battle it stays hidden until you log off
  • When you finish 1 vs 1 match, you don’t have the option to choose reward, you get it auto.
  • No limit 999 of crypt tokens.
  • Packs of 10 whips in the mystery shop for 80 balens
  • Gift rose button on player profiles and a chat clear button
  • Hall of Heroes, arena, and market have been moved to cloud city.
  • Class wars winners are show in the center of cloud city.
  • You can now create a party while in cloud city
  • Crypt Shop additional item => Level 80 Epic shard
  • Sort system changed. Have an option to sort bound and unbound item together and this item will be bound
  • New Runestone “Deceleration”. Can be obtain in Mystery Shop
  • New item in Mystery Shop: Probability to get Sanctuary Seahorse Card, Mount Training Whip Pack, Level 80 Legendary Stone pack
  • Blacksmith: Can synthesize Evil Unicorn Card for 7 day
  • Class Wars: top 3 will get limited time mount Nether Lycan Mount instead of Evil Unicorn

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