Top 10 Valentine Card Contest

Hey guys, the Wartune-inspired Valentine card submissions are in and we have selected the Top 10 Cards, which will all get rewards, but first we will hold a voting to determine their rankings, i.e. who is #1 through #10. The Top 10 cards are:

(in no particular order)

Armashkin S38

Darwi Server 18

Fauvettes Server 29

garbage server 18

greeny server 18

griefbot Server 45

Imperius Server EU25

Provectus Server 18

Sorsha – Server 38

Stretz S25

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Author: DolyGames

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  1. i vote for the great darwi s18

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  2. Guys remember to also make your vote on the Forum Poll which we will use to count the rankings

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  3. I vote for Sorsha server38

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