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Tank Trails is a fun little mini game inside Wartune which allows you to earn extra rewards. Furthermore, you grow stronger inside the mini game of Tanks by earning experience, levels, and getting bigger and stronger tanks.

Tank Trails or, Tanks for short, is a game where 4 players (in their tanks) fight against 4 other players. Regardless of the outcome, win or loss, everyone will receive 200 tank experience. But the winners will get a victory chest while the losers will get a failure chest.

Tank Trails Guide 1

To start playing you either (a) form a team of 4 people with your friends or (b) join another team which is forming or (c) click “Quick Start” to join a random team immediately.

Tank Trails Guide 2

Event Time

Tanks event happens twice per day, usually in the morning 10:00-10:30 and evening 21:30-22:00, but check your server daily events timings to be certain. However, you can only gain benefit from tanks one time per day, so pick the time that best suits you.

The Tanks Battle

Once inside the battle your objective is to play together with your team to destroy the enemy tanks and achieve a point gap of 10,000 points in order to win the game. If it is not possible to win by points then the game will be ended by the timer or if all of the opponents leave the battle.

Tank Trails Guide 3

You get most of the points by destroying enemy tanks (800 points) and you get a little bit of points for shooting. The points are important not only on the total level, to decide which team wins, but also on an individual level, to decide who will get what rewards. The more points you have accumulated yourself, the better reward you will receive when the Tank Trails are over.

During the battle, every 2 and a half minutes there is a reset. During this reset various boosts, such as Speed or Shield, or weapons, such as Laser or Napalm, will appear and you should try to pick up the best one you can in order to gain an advantage over the enemy.

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Dead tanks will revive also on this reset or maximum 30 seconds after destruction.

Tank Trails Guide 5

The Tanks’ Boss – DERLETH

After a certain time in the battle the big boss in the center of the map will appear. He will start randomly shooting area damage around the map which hurts any tank.

Players can destroy this boss to both stop his damage but also to take his “Thunderbomb” weapon, which is an unlimited powerful area damage weapon that can give a huge advantage to the team which has it.

However, the player who picks up the weapon will be publicly named so the opponents can and should target their attacks to kill this player otherwise they will likely lose.

The “Thunderbomb” can be picked up again once the original owner is destroyer and this can repeat happening in total of 3 times after which the weapon will disappear.

Tank Trails Guide 6

The Tank Types

There are 4 tank types. They are:

The Turbo Turret

The Turbo Turret is weakest tank which everyone begins with.

Tank Trails Guide 7 - The Turbo Turret

The Mauler

The Mauler is unlocked relatively soon at tank level 6, which is stronger than the Turbo Turret, but still much weaker than the higher level tanks.

Tank Trails Guide 8 - The Mauler

The Nightwolf

After the mauler it takes a long time to reach tanks level 10, which is when the Nightwolf is unlocked, which is why some players may wish to spend 1,000 balens to unlock this tank (this also requires having 365 technology points)

Tank Trails Guide 9 - The Nightwolf

The Predator

The Predator is the most powerful available tank and it can either be unlocked at tanks level 13 or purchased with 1,000 balens (requires 915 technology points). The Predator’s armor is so strong than the little Turbo Turrets have a great deal of difficulty in trying to destroy this tank.

Tank Trails Guide 10 - The Predator

Leveling up in Tanks

As you participate in Tank Trails you will earn 200 experience every day no matter if you win or if you lose. This is a fixed amount and so for free players it will be just a matter of time before they receive the higher level tanks.

Casher players will be able to shorten this time by spending balens in order to purchase the Nightwolf or the Predator tanks.

There are 2 benefits of leveling up: obtaining the stronger tanks and getting bonuses to your attributes for every level that you increase. This also means that a new Turbo Turret will practically not be able to kill a high level Predator.

Tank Trails Guide 11 - Leveling up in Tanks

Technology Points

Technology points, similar to experience, are also earned every day just by participating in the Tank Trails. These accumulate over time and soon you will not even pay attention to them at all, since they have a very limited use.

Tank Trails Guide 12 - Technology Points

The Tanks’ Rewards

There is both a team effort reward and an individual reward, so the highest that you can achieve is winning the battle as a team and scoring the highest amount of points (rank 1) as an individual.

Winner team reward:

– 3 Battle Rune Pack. Battle Rune Pack contents: One of the following items — Brutality Runestone x1, Healing Runestone x1, Blood Runestone x1.
– 200 Tank EXP

Loser team reward:

– 1 Battle Rune Pack
– 200 Tank EXP

Ranking reward (No matter if your team won or lost):

Note: In order to get the ranking rewards, players need to have AT least 200 points.

Rank 1: 3 Runestones
Rank 2: 2 Runestones
Rank 3: 2 Runestones
Rank 4: 1 Runestone
Rank 5: 1 Runestone
Rank 6: 1 Runestone
Rank 7: 1 Runestone
Rank 8: 1 Runestone

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