Spire Level 20 with 4 Mage Strategy [Wartune HOH]

Greetings Heroes! In this post I share with you a 4 mage team run on Spire made by Misty (average team BR = 150k) reaching Spire level 20. Please see below the skills used and further tips and info by Misty:

Skills Used:

Bolt, restoration, blessed light, santoria/puri and thunderer.

4 Mage Spire Strategy:

One-shot bosses 3, 4, 5 and 7 in their last bar to avoid debuff.

  • Use thunderer to one shot the last bar / or sylph and clear the last bar
  • It’s OK even if we get 1 debuff and its get difficult to heal through
  • Try to build sylph awakening during boss 9, cos need to one shot boss 9 to avoid deflect
  • Need puri from boss 11, puri after second attack and during the last bar
  • Boss 12 is straight forward
  • Need puri for boss 13. Puri after second round. And need to use puri after cd is done to avoid 30% dmg reduction. Boss enrages after the 3rd dmg reduction buff. So need to kill before that.
  • Boss 14 is the best place to die. We usually die at boss 14 to avoid debuffs for the higher stage bosses. Also, we use warrior call after the first round. The boss uses an aoe that gives a debuff. So need puri. And the boss enrages after 3rd aoe attack. So need to kill it before that.
  • Boss 15 is the worst boss to die. We usually get one of our top hitters to sylph asap to clear the first bar. The boss stuns after the first bar. 2 players should sylph after the stun. One player should use use bl and thunderer alternatively. Key point in sylph is to use back to back sylph delphics (Can get triple delphics if timed correctly)
  • Boss 16, 2 players sylph as soon as the boss begins and get the triple delphics out to speed kill the boss. Important to avoid the stun.
  • Boss 17, 18 and 19: We start using Vulcan. One player to heal at a time and rest can go dps mode and speed kill it. The bosses tend to enrage soon
  • It is very important to know when the bosses enrage (Save the spire def to edge out the boss at low hp)
  • Boss 20 is only possible if you have a higher br player (to speed kill the boss)
  • More importantly, the team should have dps to clear boss 17 without using Vulcan to clear boss 20.
  • Resistance helps a lot in defense
  • Key to have herc users up front to get the unstable voltage buffs

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