Soul Crystal Packs on sale 23 Nov 2015

Hey guys, while we have the Soul Engraving event ongoing, we have also opened up the sale for Soul Crystal Packs, which come in the following sizes:

  • 50 Soul Crystals Pack for 119 balens
  • 200 Soul Crystals Pack for 455 balens
  • 1000 Soul Crystals Pack for 2200 balens

These are great if you can spend balens because not only you get a discount when purchasing these packs but also you get the rewards from the Soul Engraving event itself, which gives a certain amount of Soul Crystals back depending on how many you engraved (see that event for exact details).

Remember also that if you end up with extra Soul Crystals you can also exchange them on the SC Exchange for various other items.

Soul Crystals Packs on sale 23 Nov 2015

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