Server 2 and 3 Merge (19 May 2014)

Hey guys, we have the official announcement that the servers 2 and 3 will be merging, which, overall i think is a good thing. Here we have the announcement and please take a good look to the questions and answers which were also prepared:


We’re excited to announce that Servers 2 and 3 will be merging together this Monday, May 19th! The merge will occur around 2:00-4:00am EDT. During the merging process, Servers 2 and 3 will be temporarily unavailable for approximately 2 hours. We will be posting updates on this thread, so be sure to keep an eye out.

Server Merge FAQ:


Q: Which servers are merging?
A: Server 2 and Server 3 will be merging together.

Q: When is the server merge happening?
A: The merge will be taking place on Monday, May 19th, 2:00am – 4:00am EDT.

Q: Why are Servers 2 and 3 merging?
A: We continuously strive to provide and maintain an engaging experience for players, and we believe that combining these servers will create a more lively and exciting experience!

Q: I have characters on both Server 2 and Server 3. What will happen to my characters?
A: Fear not! Both of your characters will remain unchanged and intact, including their respective inventories, friends, guild, items, and etc. You can access either character by selecting the corresponding Server your character was created on. Your characters will remain separate, and they will both be competing in the same Server’s Rankings.

Q: How will the merge affect my rankings?
A: With this Server merge, players from Server 2 and Server 3 will be competing in one playing field, including Guild Battles. While this may shift your position in the rankings, your Battle Rating and other stats will not be affected.
Note: Rankings will temporarily appear blank on the first day, as all the ranking information is being consolidated. Rankings will appear again within 24-48 hours after the merge completes.

Q: What if players in Servers 2 and 3 have identical Player/Guild Names?
A: In the instances where duplicate Player/Guild Names exist, additional letters/numbers may be added to differentiate between players’ characters and guilds. A “Rename Card” item will also be granted so that any altered player names can be changed.


Information for after the Server merge:

  • The rankings list for the locale zone will be empty on the first day
  • Challenge (Solo with Troops) will also be empty the first day

Thank you for your reading and we hope you enjoy the upcoming merge!

+ later was added:

Rest assured that players’ progress in Servers 2 and 3 will not be affected whatsoever. Both characters will exist in the same server; please reference the FAQ for details.
Lastly, I just wanted to clarify that Servers 2 and 3 are only 4 days apart in age. We want to ensure that any merges done have the players’ potential experiences kept in mind.

Now I saw on the forum that some people were opposing the merger, but clearly not everyone read the questions and answers and also, like i mentioned on the forum i understand the concerns mentioned by people but please realize that if the population of each server is less then it will be better for both to join up and this will make it easier to find dungeon parties / arena teams, etc, so it should result in a richer environment for everyone. At least that’s my opinion.

Server 2 and 3 Merge -

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