Refinement Crystals and Refining

Hey guys, refining is really important in Wartune, so make sure that you collect all the needed refinement crystals (or buy them with balens) and work on getting good refinements for your equipment to maximize your effectiveness and increase your battle rating.

The Refinement Crystals

The refinement crystals you can get through the “Recycle” feature in the Blacksmith, but to do so you need to have collected non-white equipment which you can “sacrifice” and get refinement crystals from. Here you see on the screenshot I collected a whole bunch of blue items from the solo campaign blitzes and I am converting them or recycling them into the refinement crystals. Also MP-dungeons are a good source of items as you can get a purple one there which recycles into 18 crystals in one go.

Refinement Crystals and Refining 1 -


Once you got your refinement crystals you can go ahead and refine equipment. On the screenshot here you can see I don’t really like the stats I have, except the Crit +71 I am ok with (of course higher level would be nicer) so I lock (with 10 balens) the Crit attribute and refine to see what else I get. Of course the ideal would be to make refinement stats all to level 10 and all the ones you exactly need, but especially when you are leveling up in the low-mid levels just ok stats are fine since you change equipment relatively more often than on high levels.

Important Stats for Refining are:

In the order of importance my recommendations are:

  • Strength/Power for Knights and Archers and Intelligence for Mages, because this will increase your attack by a factor of 4 and your defense (PDEF or MDEF) by a factor of 1.
  • I also like to use a second attack stat such as PATK and MATK.
  • Defense – because it includes both MDEF and PDEF.
  • I prefer Endurance to HP.
  • And the 5th stat I call it the wild-card stat. This would be crit for anyone who is going with a crit build. Otherwise block is popular as well as additional defense.

Generally speaking if you get something at level 10 consider using it unless you don’t have your primary stats yet.

Refinement Crystals and Refining 2 -

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