Old Item Cleanup 2 – 3 Jan 2016

Greetings Heroes! Good news: I launched a 1 week long exchange “Old Item Cleanup 2” which will allow all players with leftover old items blocking inventory space to get rid of them and free up their bags. In this exchange there will be:

  • Beam of Light
  • Lucky Clover
  • Fool’s Pack
  • Moon Cake
  • Blessing Chest
  • Delicious Candy
  • Ticket
  • Red rose
  • Red Bowtie

All items are offered to exchange for 10,000 gold which is also good news as normally these old items have no value at all.

If there are other items blocking your inventory space, please report them and I will try to setup an exchange to clean those up in the near future.

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Author: DolyGames

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