October Monthly Item Exchange

Hey guys, I received an approval for the October Monthly Item Exchange which I share below with you. October events themselves are estimated to start from the 10th of October assuming all goes well – I am working on them.

October Monthly Item Exchange

October Exchange Item is:

The special item awarded in events in October is the Wooden Totem:

Wooden Totem October monthly item Wartune HOH  Wooden Totem October monthly item Wartune HOH 2

October Events Monthly Item Exchange

In October Exchange events I tried to include something for everyone. We have for example a nice offer to get 50 Soul Crystals, which especially lower BR players can pick up perhaps to help them max out their Soul Engraving. We have a nice offer for Mount Spirits for anyone who still has not synthesized those mounts. Level 5 Gems are quite nice as well, especially those who still have weaker gems. And of course the 1-Month VIP, which is fantastic to be able to get also.

For the stronger and balen players there is a good Mahra offer, Fashion Cores as well as power up consumables like Mount Training Whips, SC, Runestones, Mahra. And the top exchange item is the Dream Tapir Card, which can be obtained by both gathering the Wooden Totems and also purchasing some to achieve the 270 requirement.

  • 1x Monthly Ev.Item for 50,000x Gold
  • 1x Monthly Ev.Item for 30,000x Daru
  • 1x Monthly Ev.Item for 10,000x Kyanite
  • 3x Monthly Ev.Item for 4x Small Runestone
  • 4x Monthly Ev.Item for 1x Mount Spirit
  • 7x Monthly Ev.Item for 50x Soul Crystal
  • 10x Monthly Ev.Item for 20x Mount Training Whips
  • 25x Monthly Ev.Item for 1x Level 5 Gem
  • 35x Monthly Ev.Item for 25x Mahra
  • 50x Monthly Ev.Item for 1x 1-Month VIP Card
  • 65x Monthly Ev.Item for 5x Fashion Core
  • 270x Monthly Ev.Item for 1x Dream Tapir Card

I hope everyone will enjoy the nice October events and exchange in Wartune Hall of Heroes! Cheers, GM Cosmos

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