New Feature: Lucky Wheel

Lucky Wheel is a limited time bonus event where you can spin to win FREE items! You’re always guaranteed to win a prize .

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How do you play?

During Lucky Wheel, when you spend a certain amount of Balens in the game (e.g. via Shop, Gem Synthesis, Mount Training, etc.) you can unlock free spins in the Lucky Wheel!

* The amount of Balens spent required may change with each Lucky Wheel event.
* Balens spent in Auction House, Beginner’s Mine, or Bound Balens do not qualify towards Lucky Wheel spins

For Example: If to play Lucky Wheel, you need to spend 100 Balens spend = 1 Spin, then spending 500 Balens will grant you 5 spins.

Lucky wheel items

Stuff to know about Lucky Wheel

  • The maximum spins per day is 100.
  • All spend and spin limits will be reset everyday at 5:00am Server Time.
  • All rewards earned from Lucky Wheel are Bound.
  • New prizes will be featured each time a Lucky Wheel event debuts, similar to Magic Pot.

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  1. Love the game, really hate when a free game tries to force people who may not be able to afford it.. Spend money in game what the heck tired of going up against “cashers” and losing my title and honor.

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