Necropolis Levels 19 to 22 Mage Class (with Video)

Greetings Heroes! Here we share with you strategy for winning battles in Necropolis for mage class in Wartune HOH. We cover skills, formation, sylph rules, timings, runes, astrals, etc. Thanks to Misty and friends for the video and guide.

Mage Strategy for Clearing Bosses in Necropolis:

Skills used: bolt, restoration, suntoria, blessed light, and thunderer.

Use of the skills: Thunderer is very very important for a mage to clear higher levels in necropolis. Thunderer is the only skill for mage class to induce slow debuff on bosses. Therefore, it is essential to time your thunderers to get slow debuffs on bosses. Bosses from level 20 enrage relatively quickly, so it is essential to have enough DPS (Damage per second) to clear them before they enrage.

Formation, Awakening and Timing

Keep your troops in front so that they can take a couple of blows up front to give your character that chance to sylph and dish out some damage before taking damage from the boss. It’s always better to start the boss with full awakening and rage. Preferable start with thunderer and hope for the boss to get the slow debuff (I always do this, if the slow debuff doesn’t proc, I will die and get awakening and rage). If you observe carefully the slow debuff on the boss appears milliseconds before the thunderer hits, this will give you enough time to react. Sylph immediately if you observe the slow debuff on the boss. KEY: DO NOT STAY IN SYLPH MODE FOR TOO LONG. Stay in sylph mode, preferable for 3-4 rounds. If your health is less that 60% use restoration or else use thunderer again to slow the boss. It is important to manage rage for thunderers and heals. More the thunderer slow procs, the easier it is to clear the bosses. Preferably sylph for the second time with full health and finish the boss before he gets angry.

Note: Archers should use deep freeze to slow bosses. Also, thunder strike skill for herc users can slow the boss (everything helps even if its only for 30% reduction in casting speed xD).

Necropolis Levels 19 to 22 Mage Class (with Video)

Specific Astrals to be used:

  • Regeneration astral (must astral)
  • Either illusion or defect astral (my illusion astral is only at level 7, that’s why I used a defect astral, illusion is much more preferable)

Player stats:

  • Always better to have higher matk/patk to dish out damage
  • With the recent update of resistance, resistance crystals provide better defense than mdef/pdef stats, so players can prioritize on getting their maximum element resistance higher (for example herc users have innate +200 resist, so try to increase your electro resistance to get maximum benefit (This is because the players maximum resistance is taken into consideration for PVE situations))
  • Red res stat helps in dishing out extra damage.


  • Decel rune helps in necropolis (I don’t have one xD, can be obtained from mystery shop refresh).
  • Guardian rune: Saves me every time. I have level 8 guardian rune (30% damage reduction). I personally use guardian when I sylph, to reduce the damage taken.
  • Heal rune: I prefer heal rune as well because more efforts have to taken in getting in as many thunderers as possible (to get multiple slow procs)

I cleared level 25 with the same strategy, but I had buffs running along with warrior call. Need patience to diligently try again and again after several failures J. Took me about 30-40 tries before I could clear level 25, but the rewards are worth the efforts (possibility of a level 4 gem daily plus extra exp). I will try to get a video for those bosses as well. Hope this helps J.

Credits for Gauss (S55-Mage), sarah (S49-Mage) and Bendar (S55-Archer) for their inputs.

Video: Wartune HOH Necropolis run Levels 19 to 22 Mage Class

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