March 2015 Game Update

Hi all. You may have seen my gossip thread about the upcoming March update <here>.

Now I have confirmation that the following items will be in the game update (very similar to my previous gossip):

1. Cloud City

A nice new area to walk around and do things like Marriage (and more as new features are added).

2. Marriage System

Marriage System (incl. Engagement Ring and Weddings (Thousand year Love Wedding, Nobel Wedding, Common Wedding). 2 people (of any gender) can get married and receive additional stats from their rings, getting stronger. As well marriage related activities giving rewards. I don’t have the full details of what has been programmed, but once I receive the info I will try to write a guide for this to help everyone.

3. VIP Chest

Now inside MP-dungeons VIP players can find a VIP Chest (VIP players can open the VIP chest with Kyanite). Inside this chest you will find nice rewards (e.g. legendary stones).

4. Level 80 Multiplayer Dungeon – Nirvana

A new exciting and challenging dungeon! With new rewards! If I am not wrong (don’t have the specification) legend stones drop also in the Normal dungeon and in NM mode simply more rewards drop.

5. Level 80 Equipment (Legendary)

Even more powerful equipment that you can gather / craft to become stronger! And there is a new interesting twist, level 80 equipment is only legendary, so it is crafted from level 70!

6. Bunch of New Awesome Mounts will be introduced over time / regularly

7. Bunch of New Awesome Clothing & Wing Designs will be introduced over time / regularly


Timing: no final date set yet: remains mid/end March as a target.

March 2015 Game Update Gossip 2

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