Mahra and Sepulcrum packs with Apollo Sylph Seal Chance

Hi everyone, good news for people buying 100% bundles – we approved and I just put online Mahra and Sepulcrum packs with a chance to get the Apollo Sylph Seal. The cool thing about these packs is that now players not only get their 100% resources, but also have a chance to get a rare prize. And is this more expensive? No, it is actually a little bit cheaper even than the original price of the packs, so a great chance to pick up Mahra and Sepulcrum packs (which players did before anyways) and pretty much for free have a whole bunch of extra chances to get the great Light sylph – Apollo!

Here are the Mahra and Sepulcrum packs with Apollo Sylph Seal Chance online:

Here is the Mahra #1 with Small Apollo Chance, i.e. 1 x Golden Mystery Box (Sepulcrums are built the same way):

And here is the Mahra #2 with 5x Small Apollo Chance, i.e. 5 x Golden Mystery Box:

Mahra #3 with 10x Small Apollo Chance, i.e. 10 x Golden Mystery Box:

Golden Mystery Box with Apollo Sylph Seal

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  1. How many Mahras will it take for orange Gaja 1st evolution on Wartunes hoh?

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