Magic Pot 12-14 February Wartune HOH

Greetings Heroes! Tomorrow, 12th of February, the Magic Pot event will open again! And there are lots of exciting rewards for everyone participating in Magic Pot, which I share with you below:

5 Top Prizes:

Participate in the Magic Pot for a chance to obtain rare items:

  • Nether Lycan mount (+100 stats)
  • Fiery Ice Wings +4 enchant
  • 50 Dark Essences
  • 1000 Mahra
  • 1000 Sylph Sepulcrums

(Please remember top prizes are very rare because they are awesome :P)

Magic Pot 12-14 Feb 2016 Wartune HOH

Many Other Prizes

Apart from the rare top items there numerous other rewards in the Magic Pot. I will mention just a few:

  • Essences of Light
  • Hero’s Medals
  • Level 5 and Level 4 Gems
  • Fashion Core and Good Luck Charm
  • Runestones
  • Berdim’s Wine
  • and lots more!

Players always win!

1 spin in the Magic Pot costs 20 balens and when we take a large sample size of data then statistically / in average the player will always receive more value in return for the spent balens. It could even be several times more or for some items even multiple times more! Because of this it is nice to participate in the Magic Pot event.

Magic Pot Vault:

As it states also in the help section, items from the Magic Pot are stored in the Magic Pot Vault, so make sure to collect your rewards from the vault.

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  1. You guys should have a high level magic pot event and a low level magic pot event.

    Even though u guys say that the players always get more value In items then what they spend, the top players are the top players because we spend a lot of money thats why we are the top players and we no longer need the useless items such as the HP potions, Daru, stamina potions, or fate stones because theres nothing for us to do with those items. You guys need to hold some magic pots that are geared towards the high level players and some that are geared towards the lower level players.

    Also please do something about your drop rate for rare items something like increasing the drop rate for every thousand balens used. Just increase the drop rate a little bit each time and reset it once a rare price is droped. Lots of the players are tired of spending 400-600$ and not getting any rare drops.

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  2. Kiss my ass cosmos, I’m not wasting my balens anymore on mp, and I recommend nobody else does also, and this new company has absolutely no support at all, giving no compensation to a single ticket I’ve sent. 6 total.

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