Holy Forge System Guide

In Wartune Hall of Heroes game update v5.1 players will be able to greatly upgrade their equipment using the awesome Holy Forge System from Class Advancement.

The Holy Forge system is unlocked when players complete Class Advancement. Holy Forge allows players to further enchant Level 80 legendary equipment through the new tab in Blacksmith.

Holy Forge Interface

Players can put the equipment and the required items in the allocated slots to perform Holy Forge.

Holy Forge requires Vulcan’s Hammer × 5, Vulcan’s Stove × 15, and a set amount of Gold.

There is a chance that the Holy Forge will fail. When Holy Forge fails, players will receive Blessing Points, which can increase the chance of success for the next Holy Forge when accumulated.


Q : Which equipment can be Holy Forged?
A : Only Level 80 legendary equipment for the 3 classes can be Holy Forge. Other normal Level 80 equipment cannot be Holy Forged.

Q : Why is my button for Holy Forge greyed out and cannot be tapped?
A : There are two possible reasons: 1) you don’t have enough items required for Holy Forge; 2) you have already reached the max Holy Forge level/grade, which is 8-11.

Holy Forge Levels

There are 8 Holy Forge levels, each one containing 10 grades, which is a total of 80 levels of upgrading within the Holy Forge system. E.g. Level 1-3 can be considered as Level 3; Level 2-3 can be considered as Level 13.

Knight Class Holy Forge Materials

# Name (Lvl.80 Legendary Equipment) Equipment Orig. Attr. Holy Forge Bonus
1 Holy King’s Ax PATK+772 PATK
2 Holy King’s Helmet PDEF+452, MDEF+452 PDEF, MDEF
3 Holy King’s Armor PDEF+798, MDEF+335 PDEF, MDEF
4 Holy King’s Brooch HP+1783 HP
5 Holy Light HP+1031 HP
6 King’s Arrogance PATK+460 PATK
7 Holy Judge HP+1031 HP
8 King’s Will PATK+460 PATK

Archer Class Holy Forge Materials

# Name (Lvl.80 Legendary Equipment) Equipment Orig. Attr. Holy Forge Bonus
1 Hades’ Crossbow PATK+772 PATK
2 Hades’ Helmet PDEF+452, MDEF+452 PDEF, MDEF
3 Hades’ Armor PDEF+562, MDEF+562 PDEF, MDEF
4 Hades’ Brooch HP+1783 HP
5 Destruction of Inferno HP+1031 HP
6 Hades’ Cruelty PATK+460 PATK
7 Inferno Sanction HP+1031 HP
8 Hades’ Vengeance PATK+460 PATK

Mage Class Holy Forge Materials

# Name (Lvl.80 Legendary Equipment) Equipment Orig. Attr. Holy Forge Bonus
1 Void Pontiff’s Staff MATK+772 MATK
2 Void Pontiff’s Hat PDEF+452, MDEF+452 PDEF, MDEF
3 Void Pontiff’s Robe PDEF+335, MDEF+798 PDEF, MDEF
4 Void Pontiff Brooch HP+1783 HP
5 Darkness of Void HP+1031 HP
6 Pontiff’s Authority MATK+460 MATK
7 Domination of Void HP+1031 HP
8 Pontiff’s Glory MATK+460 MATK

Holy Forge Level/Grade

Max Holy Forge Level/Grade depends on the player’s advanced class title. See below with Knight as an example

Title Max Holy Forge Level/Grade
Trainee Dragon Swordsman 10-Jan
Noble Dragon Swordsman 10-Feb
Grand Dragon Swordsman 10-Mar
Honorary Dragon Swordsman 10-Apr
Imperial Dragon Swordsman 10-May
Sacred Dragon Swordsman 10-Jun
Mythic Dragon Swordsman 10-Jul
Master Dragon Swordsman 10-Aug

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