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Hi Everyone! I have some interesting news to share with you regarding boxes/chests which are put on sale.

As you know historically some people are more lucky and get a mount or other rare item from the boxes and others still get nice items, but not so lucky to get the most rare item. This has been upsetting people over past months and I wanted to find a good solution for this so I proposed a new system to the Wartune Team a while back and after discussions we have an agreement to go ahead with my proposal.

So what is this new system?

Hero's Medal itemIn this new system we will create a special Exchange in the Hot Events which will remain permanently with special items called the Hero’s Medals. In this Exchange there will be few “normal” items and the rest will be Mounts!

We will then add Hero’s Medals in boxes so no matter if someone get’s the box mount or not they can collect Hero’s Medals over time (or in same day) and exchange them for Mounts in the Hero’s Medal Exchange!

I have proposed to start with the following Exchange:

Non-Mount Items:

  • 10 Hero’s Medals = 500,000 gold
  • 10 Hero’s Medals = 300,000 daru
  • 10 Hero’s Medals = 75,000 kyanite
  • 50 Hero’s Medals = Level 5 Gem
  • 70 Hero’s Medals = +1 Wings
  • 150 Hero’s Medals = Ancient Rune Pack

We want to aim to start with 2 mounts and add 1 mount every month after that!

For these 2 starting mounts I want to make a forum poll to choose from a list of 7 mounts. 1 mount will be chosen by players and 1 by the Wartune Team.

The 7 Mounts to choose from for the 1st month:

  • Black Jade Piggy (Temp.) lower cost +10 str
  • Evil Alpaca lower cost +10 str
  • White Rabbit lower cost +10 str
  • Mount Abao medium cost +30 str
  • Wildfire Steed higher cost +50 str
  • Blue Skirt Piggy lower cost +10 str
  • Kirin lower cost +10 str

(FYI: the lower cost Mount prices are starting from 100 Hero’s Medals, so very much achievable; and more rare mounts will be of course costing a lot more Hero’s Medals)

Estimated Timing:

-) Discussion with Wartune Team – DONE
-) Feedback from Club Members – DONE (all feedback was positive and included also improvement ideas, which I will discuss with the Wartune Team)
1) Announce poll / explanation on forum (this announcement)
2) Allow ~1 week for people to vote (please vote until Friday!)
3) Get final approval and launch after the vote / end of May.

I hope you all love this,
GM Cosmos

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