Hero’s Medals Exchange Launched!

Hey everyone, I bring you more good news, today, May 29th 2015, the Hero’s Medal’s Exchange / System was launched in Wartune HOH! The exchange and all the items we discussed with each other are all visible and everyone can start collecting Hero’s Medals and exchanging for great rewards including mounts!

For those who have missed the introduction read here to learn about Hero’s Medal System.

The good stuff about Hero’s Medals:

  • We created a system for the benefit of all players
  • We listened to the feedback of the Heroes’ Council club members (key players from our community)
  • We listened to the feedback of players on the forum

As a consequence of listening to the players!

  • We added a more recent mount, Dream Tapir, to the exchange that was not in the original plan!
  • We changed the daru and gem items in the exchange to Mahra and Sepulcrum!
  • We inserted the top voted mount by players from our forum poll – Mount Abao!
  • We started giving out some additional Hero’s Medals which was not in the original plan; for example we added additional Hero’s Medal rewards for the Mount Trade-in Exchange!
  • We agreed to add them as rewards in not only mystery boxes but also Magic Pot and other events!
  • We agreed to add more mounts each month!

So I hope everyone will be very happy about our work,
GM Cosmos

Here is the Hero’s Medal Exchange launched today!

Hero's Medal Exchange 29 May 2015

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