HERO MEDAL Exchange 3

Hey guys, good news, all the checks have been finished and finally the Hero’s Medal Exchange is open again for everyone to enjoy. Here I have compiled a total picture of it for easier viewing or you can see it directly in-game as it is already available:

The Exchange items are:

  • for 10 hero’s medals: 500k gold
  • for 10 hero’s medals: 75k kyanite
  • for 10 hero’s medals: 5 Mahra
  • for 10 hero’s medals: 5 Sylph Sepulcrums
  • for 70 hero’s medals: Blessed Angel Wings
  • for 150 hero’s medals: Ancient Rune Pack
  • for 200 hero’s medals: Kirin card
  • for 310 hero’s medals: Mount Abao Card
  • for 900 hero’s medals: Dream Tapir Card
  • for 60 hero’s medals: Black Jade Piggy Card
  • for 1200 hero’s medals: Saint Ice Lion Card
  • for 1600 hero’s medals: Frost Bear card

HERO MEDAL Exchange 3

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  1. Hi. I have a question. Do I have to spend the hero medals before 31 of December or can I save them for next event? TYVM

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