Guild Battles

One of the greatest benefits in being in a guild is having the opportunity to participate in large Guild Battles. These happen every week: Monday (Round 1), Wednesday (Round 2) and the finals on Friday (Round 3).
In Guild Battles two guilds fight against one another in large scale battle with up to 50 players on both sides. To win the Guild Battle players have to either destroy the enemy tower or surpass the enemy guild by 4000 points.

The Guild Battle Map

The Map in the Guild Battles is always the same – a symmetric area of large Ward Towers on each side and 4 mini-towers in between. Both sides attempt to capture and hold the mini-towers which gives an advantage in accumulation of points as well as when attacking the main Ward Tower of the Enemy.

guild battle map

Guild Battles - Score Results

The Guild Battle Participants’ List

Although Guild Battles are massing with up to 50 players from each Guild participating in the battle, there are usually many more than 50 members in a guild, which means that not everyone can participate in the Guild Battles.

The Guild Battle participants’ list is managed by the guild leaders. They usually try to be as fair as possible when approving guild members for the list. As a general rule the tougher the battle (example: Finals) the stronger members are put on the list. The best chance for a lower level player to get into the Guild Battle is on Mondays (Round 1) where usually the fight is easier.

Guild Battles - a lot of players fighting -

Guild Battles - attacking the Ward Tower -

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