Guild Battle Rating Strength Calculation Rule

Hey guys, in this little post I want to share the rule that is used for calculating Guild Battle Rating or Guild Strength in Wartune HOH.

We asked for a confirmation for this calculation and received an answer that the Guild BR is simply based on the total sum of the Battle Ratings of all members of the Guild (no matter if they have logged in or not). I know there are suggestions to remove to inactives from such a calculation, I am not discussing that right now, just saying that for good or bad reason, the calculation rule is as described above.

That said, if someone tries to sit down and calculate from day to day to try to confirm if the number is right or wrong it is not necessarily that easy. The reason for this is because the BR of individual guild members can vary greatly from day to day due to multiple factors. For example, a large change in BR can happen on daily basis depending on if players equipped their main sylph, a secondary sylph or, for whatever reason, rested their sylph and have none equipped.

Guild Battle Rating Strength

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  1. also buffs applied like any pots or warriors call when rankings are calculated can make a significant difference

    I’ve seen it on our server being used to gain some of the top titles in the past

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