Glory Shop Update 24 Dec 2015 – Class Wars

Greetings Heroes! Great news! We have updated the Glory Shop (Class Wars) with new items and cheaper prices! Here are the details:

New Items added to the Glory Shop

Item Glory Crystals
Fate Stone 15
Heaven Horn 80
Level 6 Potions 120
(+10) Grizzled Battle Bear 2000
(+20) Dream Tapir 2500

Lower Prices for Glory Shop items:

Item Glory Crystals before Glory Crystals now
(+10) Piggy 1250 1000
(+10) Blue Skirt Piggy 1500 1250
(+10) Kirin 1999 1750
Good luck charm 800 700
Lvl 1-3 Gem Pack 13 10
Level 50 Legendary Stone was 1 stone for 70 now 1 pack for 70


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Author: DolyGames

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