Game Update Version 1.2 is almost here

Hey guys, the game update version 1.2 is being installed today. We have 4 new additions to the game:


This is a new special dungeon with 1 attempt per day. Here you can earn tons of experience and nice Spire Chests.

The Spire Guide I wrote you can find here.


Tanks is a mini-game inside Wartune which you can enter once per day, but you have 2 time different options during the day. It’s short and fun and an extra source for rewards!

The Tanks Guide I wrote you can find here.

3) The Lucky Wheel

This is a chance based game where you can spend balens and win lots of different items including rare items.

4) 2nd World Boss time

We added an additional time for the World Boss for those people who were not able to participate during the original timing.

5) Other

There are also some bug fixings and behind the scenes improvements.

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