Game Update v 4.0 (SYLPHS) – May 2015

Hi Everyone, Game Update v 4.0 (SYLPHS) – May 2015 – is almost here! It is expected to arrive very soon (could be tonight or within few days).

Here are the patch notes:

New Feature: Sylphs

Players can obtain Sylphs, which will aid greatly in battle:

  • Water – Iris
  • Wind – Pan
  • Fire – Amazon Queen
  • Electro – Eve

New Feature: Sylph Atoll

Players can collect Sylph Essences which can be exchanged to receive Sylphs of various rarity.

  • Auto Move and Auto Attack Feature daily for a certain amount of time. VIP4 or higher will have more hours. (Reset everyday at 5am server time)
  • Daily 2 hours 4x revenue daily. It can rollover up to 14 hours. (Reset everyday at 5am server time)
  • Sylph Exchange

New Feature: Sylph Arena

Here players’ sylphs will battle one another!

New Feature: Sylph Meditation

You can meditate your Sylph(s) at the farm for them to gain experience.

New Feature: Amethyst Mine

(Including: Amethyst Exchange)
Players can collect Amethyst Crystals and exchange them for rewards!

Other & Bug Fixes

  • One extra marriage quest
  • Guild shop crash fixed
  • Fixed campaign black screen
  • Updated ranking display
  • Guild leaving cooldown will be 48 hours
  • Covenant Emancipation price will be 300 balens

Other / Related

  • A new item (Imperial Pass) will be given to players, but you will not be able to use yet and it will be used for the future Circuit Quests, so I suggest keep this item (it looks like a blue shield)
  • There is already a known display issue. When leaving the guild it says related to the cooldown “wait 24 hours or spend 50 balens”: in reality it is “wait 48 hours or spend 300 balens” so if the player pays 300 balens will be removed not the shown 50, which is a display error which will be fixed later; there was no time to fix it for right now.


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