FORUM CONTEST – Summer & Sylphs

Hello everyone! With this post we launch a new FORUM CONTEST – Summer & Sylphs


  1. Create a picture / screenshot to combine the wonderful sun shining happy summer season and our new awesome sylphs who follow you everywhere and help you in everything! ๐Ÿ™‚
  2. Upload it somewhere (e.g. a free image sharing service) and post the link to your image by replying to this post.
  3. [ Important ! ] Below the link post your exact character name and server exactly like this example: S20 Johndoe
    (please respect the format! as we have to do manual work to collect and pay out prizes!! – ignoring format will make an error and you will not get the prize!)


  • We start accepting submissions from right now for 1 week up to Sunday, 14th of June.
  • Monday, after, I will close this thread, we will pick 10 best submissions and I will open a new thread with a POLL for everyone to vote for the Top 10 rankings.


  • Rank 1-2: 3 million gold + 100 Mount Whips + 200 Soul Crystals + 35 Mahra + 35 Sepulcrum + Level 1 Wings
  • Rank 3-5: 2 million gold + 80 Mount Whips + 150 Soul Crystals + 25 Mahra + 25 Sepulcrum + Good Luck Charm x2
  • Rank 6-10: 1 million gold + 60 Mount Whips + 100 Soul Crystals + 15 Mahra + 15 Sepulcrum + Good Luck Charm

COSMOS; Summer & Sylphs

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  1. I try to participate in your foorum contest. hope this is okay. Iยดm just a small smurf from germany which loves your site to get the best updates xD. Heres my submission. server566 Barad stronghold charakter: viviette

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    • hi you are not supposed to submit here, as you see it’s the announcement of the FORUM CONTEST for Wartune HOH, so it’s supposed to go on the forum

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      • sadly i didnt found the contest in the forum. ๐Ÿ™ maybe write a link to the original contest next time?? i was really confused and now frustrated because i wasnt able to find it in time.

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        • hi Alexandra, I was reading again your comment and I noticed you wrote Server 566. There is no such server in Wartune Hall of Heroes (the mobile version), so I think maybe you are talking about the web version of Wartune which is run by R2. This website is dedicated to Wartune Hall of Heroes. If you want to follow the web version then you need to visit

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