FORUM CONTEST – A Poem for Apollo

July 4th is a celebration of independence. Celebrate with Wartune for your chance to win a free Apollo Sylph!

All you have to do is write a poem about how Apollo liberated Balenor. Here is an example:
(Yours should be better!)

All through the day and all through the night
Apollo would have to fight and fight and fight.
War was waged throughout the lands of Balenor,
He is a legend, and that is what he came here for.

Entry Dates:

Start: July 3rd, 2015 Wartune HOH game update 4.1 - Gossip 9 June - Apollo
End: July 8th, 2015


– After the end date, we will chose the top 10 poems and let the community vote on their favorite.
– You may only submit 1 entry. Multiple entries will automatically disqualify you from this event. Entries will also be disqualified if any profanity is used.
– Prizes will be distributed approximately 24 hours after the winners have been announced.


The Wartune Kabam Team will select 10 winners to win the following:

Rank 1: 3 million gold + 150 Mount Whips + Apollo Sylph Seal
Rank 2-3: 2 million gold + 100 Mount Whips + 300 Insignia + 100 Soul Crystals + Level 1 Wings
Rank 4-5: 1.5 million gold + 50 Mount Whips + 200 Insignia + 100 Soul Crystals + Level 5 HP Gem
Rank 6-10: 1 million gold + 50 Mount Whips + 100 Insignia + 100 Soul Crystals + Level 4 HP Gem

Good Luck!

(here is a link to the forum post where submissions should be posted:

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