First Guild Battle Finals in Wartune HoH

Hey guys, Friday was a big day – the first Guild Battle Finals for Wartune Hall of Heroes. Ours was a battle between Asgard and Valhalla, here shown the pre-battle gathering of the guild members:

First Guild Battle Finals in Wartune HoH 1

We managed to hold all the 4 mini-towers during most of the guild battle, but Valhalla did fight us all the way to the end so a great job by both guilds. Also to mention some players were not able to join the guild battle due to other things that they had to do in their life, which is absolutely normal, but I want to say that this is why you cannot automatically assume that if you win in one week that you will win again in the next one.

Here a compilation of images of Asgard reaching victory – I managed to get more than 3 million guild battle points for my guild.

First Guild Battle Finals in Wartune HoH 2

And finally the rewards – we got nice rewards for the guild battle itself (both sides get rewards, just the losing side gets less) and also the people who were in top 10 by the guild battle points got more rewards (150 insignia and honor more). More than this, afterwards everyone also got more rewards via mail of a whole bunch of soul crystals, which everyone was happy about.

First Guild Battle Finals in Wartune HoH 3

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  2. Thank you! Very informative and useful.

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