Farming in Wartune HoH

Hey guys, let’s have an easy going look at farming in Wartune HoH, some basic tips, similarities and differences compared to, as some players know, the web version.

Here below is a screenshot from my seeds being ready. Note I always plant 1 kyanite seed. You are not allowed to plant more than 1 at a time and a lot of people don’t bother going through the extra clicks to do this, but the kyanite income that you get from always doing this is very important so don’t be lazy and make sure that you always have 1 kyanite seed planted, even if you have exactly 9 seeds for 9 farm slots, still use only 8 of them and plant that kyanite.

Then, as I already mentioned before, the wonderful feature in the Wartune HoH which does not exist in the web version is the Harvest All button which is awesome! In the web you must pick them one by one, so after doing that for months you really can appreciate the Harvest All button.

Farming in Wartune HoH 1 -

The planting is also easier in Wartune HoH because you are immediately given the list of plants you have and can just select the ones you need to plant compared to having to pick seeds from your bag one by one.

Moreover, you get a nice overview. The seeds that you see on this screenshot that I have mostly come from consistently spinning the guild altar – all the spins.

Farming in Wartune HoH 2 -

Farming experience you can get by cleaning up the worms:

Farming in Wartune HoH 3 - cleaning worms -

…also by cleaning up the weeds:

Farming in Wartune HoH 4 - cleaning weeds -

…and by reviving rotten plants of your friends (seeds get rotten and require reviving when they are not picked or collected for a long time):

Farming in Wartune HoH 5 - reviving seeds -

In Wartune, to get the most out of your farm you need to get experience quickly (up to 200 experience points per day) and achieve the unlocking of all the 9 farm slots – this way you can plant maximum quantity per go.

After achieving this milestone, the next goal is to get the Land Upgrade level maxed out in order to increase the yield per seeds as well as reduce the time to maturity.

Farming is a great source of:

  • Kyanite
  • Gold (plant a lot more of this)
  • Daru (plant if urgently need troop upgrades)
  • and other special seeds including Insignia

For all of the activities the Harvest All, Exterminate All, Weed All and the Revive All buttons are just amazing and make the farming in Wartune HoH way easier and pleasant than the web version. Also, as you are holding the ipad you can easily click on someone in your friends’ list with your right hand and immediately energize the tree with the left hand – I found this also a lot faster than clicking right and clicking left and returning to right in the web version.

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