Extra Mounts Trade-in Exchange 3 (11 Jan 2016)

Greetings Heroes! I have installed the exchange “Extra Mounts Trade-in Exchange #3” which includes a range of mount cards that can be exchanged for prizes if you were lucky to have more than one of the same mount. The event is already in-game so you can go ahead and trade-in any extra mount cards that you may have.

The duration I have set until March which should be plenty of time to exchange mounts. Afterwards we can perhaps do a #4 event with other mounts. The timing of such events is not set in stone and the Wartune Team reserves the right to adapt both the timing and the event if such a need arises.

The trade in rewards are the same as the the previous Extra Mount exchange which had increased rewards that I had gotten approved previously:

  • Mount Training Whips x150
  • Gold x300,000
  • VIP Token x10
  • Sylph EXP Scroll x10
  • Hero’s Medal x5

The mount cards included in this exchange are:

  • Christmas Sleigh Card
  • Ares Steed Card
  • Majestic Stingray Card
  • Mechanical Steed Card
  • Gentle Beast Card
  • Cloud Sailor Card
  • Devil Rhino Card
  • Guinea Pig Card
  • Snow Yak Card
  • Frost Leopard Card
  • Wild Hawkstrider Card
  • Ancient Snipe Card

So I hope everyone is happy about the added exchange and the increased rewards,
GM Cosmos

Extra Mounts Trade-in Exchange 3

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Author: DolyGames

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