Extra Mounts Trade-in Exchange 2 (6 Nov 2015)

Hey guys, good news, I got the approval for the Extra Mounts Trade-in Exchange #2 which includes a range of new mount cards but excludes the mounts of the Hero’s Medal exchange because the team is still investigating to make sure nobody has hidden tons of cards from the bug related to the magic pot a while back. I just created the event in the game so you can go ahead and trade-in any extra mount cards that you may have.

The duration is not set in stone. I have set it for 2 months for now but basically we can adapt it anytime if the need arises.

The trade in rewards are the same as the #1 Extra Mount exchange which had increased rewards that I had gotten approved previously:

  • Mount Training Whips x150
  • Gold x300,000
  • VIP Token x10
  • Sylph EXP Scroll x10
  • Hero’s Medal x5

So I hope everyone is happy about the added exchange and the increased rewards,
GM Cosmos

Extra Mounts Trade-in Exchange 2 (6 Nov 2015)

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