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Equipment Refinement is an important feature that a player can use in order to fine tune and increase the effectiveness of their character build by adjusting the attributes of the Equipment, Rings and Jewels. As a consequence of a successfully completed refinement there will also be an increase in the Battle Rating.

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Important to know & prepare before you start refining

Refinement Crystals

Equipment refinement uses a lot of refinement crystals. The higher level the equipment the higher level Refinement Crystals are necessary to do the job, which are hard to come by. So prepare a lot of Refinement Crystals of the correct level before you start otherwise you might not manage to get the attributes that you need.

Refinement Crystals level 2 - Refinement Crystals level 3 - Refinement Crystals level 4 -


It is very much possible to do equipment refinement without Balens, however, if you wish to achieve higher refinement levels, as well as the right attributes for your character, you might want to or have to spend Balens for either locking attributes or buying more Refinement Crystals. With Balens is it possible to achieve amazing refinements all the way up to level 10 on practically every attribute.

balens - bound balens -

Refinement Locks

Refinement Locks are a special item with which you can lock in place attributes during refinement. You might be able to get these via special events, so keep an eye out for these and if you get some make sure not to waste them.

Starting Equipment Refinement

To refine your Equipment, Rings and Jewels you need to go to the Blacksmith and select Refine from the available tabs. Then, from the right hand side select the Equipment item that you want to refine.

Blacksmith 1 - Blacksmith 2 - Refine 1 - dolygames

Starting Equipment Refinement -

Once selected, you will see the Attributes or Stats that item currently has and each of these will have an unlocked lock symbol next to it. This means that when you Refine, those attributes will be changed to another random Attribute. You can also tap the “Lock” to keep any attribute that you like. (Locking costs 10 Balens or 1 refinement lock per lock).

Equipment Stats and Attributes -

You will also notice that the refinement will be costing 18 refinement crystals (this is the price for purple items), so if you are refining the correct type of items you will always be paying 18 refinement crystals per attempt.

Refinement Crystals quantity - Auto Buy and Use Bound first - Refine 2 -

The tick box called “Use bound first.” is selected by default. This insures that if you will be spending Balens the cost will be taken from your bound Balens first.

The “Auto Buy” tick box is not selected by default. This is a comfort feature which automatically purchases more refinement crystals if you run out of them, so if you want to focus on refining and do not want to be disturbed by “not enough refinement crystals” errors then you could tick this box.

When ready press the Refine button on the bottom right and the New Attributes or stats will be rolled and presented to you. (See screen shot below)

Starting Equipment Refinement 2 -

Making Decisions – Choosing the Right Attributes

So which attributes or stats should you attempt to Refine your Equipment to? Naturally, there is a difference by Class and by character build, so let’s look into the different combinations:

Critical Build (Crit) versus Will Destroyer (WD)

The most important factor to begin with is your character build. Are you a “Crit” build or a “WD” build. This is important because if you are a crit build then I would highly recommend making sure that you have the “Crit” attribute on every single item that you refine. This will ensure that your critical attacks are frequent. On the other side, if you are following a “WD” build then you want to make sure that you do NOT waste a single line on the “Crit” stat because that would give you nothing at all and instead use up valuable space.

Holy Sniper's Edge Astral - Enhanced Will Destroyer Astral -

Mages versus Knights/Archers

Naturally mages should not be interested at all in physical attack, so this means Mages should make sure to avoid PATK, Strength or Power attributes because all of those 3 are for physical attack. Instead, Mages should focus on MATK and Intelligence attributes. Knight and Archers, on the other hand, should do the exact opposite as they need physical attack and will not need magic attack at all.

WD Knights versus Crit Knights

“WD” build knights, as already noted, should make sure to exclude any “Crit” attribute from their items. This gives “WD” Knights the opportunity to get “Block” instead to increase the frequency of blocking attacks and healing.

On the other hand, for Crit Knights, the “Crit” attribute is very much needed and although they may want to get “Block” as well it is generally not a good idea. This is because there are only 5 attributes in total. So if Crit Knights spend 2 out of 5 on Crit and Block it only leaves 3, which is simply not enough.

So to conclude: “Block” for “WD” knights and “Crit” for Crit build Knights.

Side-note on character build by class: I would generally recommend for archers to always be in a Crit build where Mages and Knights should usually be in a WD build. For me the only exception are the most powerful Knights and Archers – if you are among the most powerful on your server you can consider switching to a Crit build as a Knight or Archer.

Refinement Strategy

Now that we have cleared up the different builds and classes let’s go on the correct selection of the attributes or stats.

Priority #1 – Offense

No matter which class you are, I would recommend that your first 1-2 attributes are offense – that means Intelligence/MATK for Mages or PATK/Strength/Power for Knights and Archers. I usually try to get both, but if you only must take one then always take the Intelligence/Strength/Power because these not only increase your offensive power but also give 1/4 to your defense (MDEF for Intelligence and PDEF for Strength/Power).
The reason I recommend to prioritize offense is because if you kill fast you need less defense/health to survive. More importantly, high offense ensures maximum earnings from World Boss.

Strength Attribute - PATK Attribute -

Priority #2 – Defense

Again, no matter which class you are, the next attribute I would recommend Defense/Armor. By this I mean exactly Defense/Armor and not MDEF/PDEF, because Defense/Armor increases both MDEF and PDEF. So with just one attribute you get both your defense types increased.

Defense Attribute - MDEF Attribute - PDEF Attribute -

Priority #3 – Health

Next, I would suggest trying to get Endurance to increase your HP/Health. If you get lucky and catch a level 9 or level 10 HP then keep that, but otherwise try to get Endurance rather than HP since Endurance will result in a higher Health gain.

Health HP Endurance Attribute - Health HP Endurance Attribute 2 -

The Last Attribute Slot

With these 3 priorities, you have used up 4 out of 5 of your attributes and have only 1 slot remaining. Therefore:

– If you are a Crit build character you want to get “Crit” as your 5th attribute,
– If you are a WD build Knight you may want to get “Block”
– Otherwise you can strengthen your defenses further by getting MDEF or PDEF or increase your Health further by getting HP on top of the Endurance that you have

The Ideal Case versus the Real World

The strategy I described above is, for me, the ideal case scenario. However, in the real world and especially without spending Balens, it is very difficult to get the ideal case scenario, so you may need to go with the best you can. This will mean going with only 1 offense attribute instead of 2 or taking MDEF and PDEF because you were not lucky to roll Defense/Armor, etc. So understand the ideal scenario and just do your best to get close to it.

Correct Attributes versus Attribute Level

Not only must you try to get the right attribute for your character build but also to get them on a higher level. But which is more important?

It is a lot better to get the right attribute at a lower level than the wrong attribute at a higher level, so focus your efforts to get the right attributes or stats to make yourself as powerful as possible and only as a secondary goal try to get those attributes at a higher level.

Note that it is very difficult without spending balens to get both of these objectives achieved, but it is possible with some luck and by working on equipment refinement all the time.

Equipment Refinement Mechanics

Let’s assume your item’s attributes are low level and generally not amazing to begin with, so then the first thing I would recommend is to refine all 5 attributes without locking any of them. So let’s look at the example below:

Stats Attributes Changing and Locking 1 -

Example: If you are a Knight or Archer it would be good to keep the PATK Level 6 and Endurance Level 6 and Strength Level 4. These are not very high levels but it is okay for the beginning.

So in this example I would take all of the new attributes. However, if I were to Refine a second time, I would lock the Strength, PATK and Endurance and attempt to get Defense and another helpful attribute instead of Charisma and MDEF.

And if you are Mage, you may want to only lock the Endurance and roll all the other 4 attributes.

Refinement Crystals quantity -

Since all Equipment items (4 items) and rings (2 items) and jewels (2 items) have to be refined to increase your Strength and Battle Rating, I would recommend for most people, (especially to those who do not spend balens) to do a few rolls per item just to get it to an “OK” state. It is better to have all 8 equipped items “OK” than just 1 of them perfect. Once all your items are more or less “OK” you can gather more Refinement Crystals to make them even better over time.

Refinement Mechanics for Balen Spenders

If you do have a lot of Refinement Crystals, Refinement Locks and/or Balens and want to get awesome equipment Refinements then I would recommend to re-roll anything lower than level 8 and lock only those attributes which are correct for your class/build and, at the same time, are level 8, level 9 or level 10.

I will warn you that it will take a lot of rolls unless you are really lucky to get all the 5 attributes you want and have them as close to level 10 as possible. This will make you a lot stronger and that is why it is so difficult to do this for all the 8 items that you have equipped.

Locking Info and Warning

It is practically impossible to get great equipment refinements without locking attributes. Sometimes it may happen just by luck that the refinements are great, but this is rare. Therefore, locking the correct and high level attributes in place and re-rolling the rest is an integral part of equipment refinement.

Note that locking costs 10 Balens or 1 refinement lock PER attribute and PER refinement roll, so if you lock 3 attributes in place you will see in the bottom right that it will cost you 30 Balens:

And this cost will be taken each time you click the “Refine” button, so careful and make intelligence decisions and choices not to waste your Balens.

Locking Stats Attributes and their Cost -

In-Depth VIDEO Explanation (40 minutes)


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