Dragon Soul System

In Wartune Hall of Heroes game update v5.1 players will be able to unlock the new amazing Dragon Soul System from Class Advancement.

Dragon Soul System Function

  • Increase player’s PDEF, MDEF, CRIT, BLOCK, HP, MATK, PATK.
  • Player’s attributes can be further increased through upgrading the Dragon Soul.
  • When player reaches Lv80 and has Legendary Dragon Soul, he or she will be able to unlock Class Advancement.

Activation Requirements

Dragon Soul system is activated upon completing the Main quest, Path to Power, which is unlocked when the player reaches level 40. Once the quest is cleared, Dragon Soul system will be unlocked and player will receive the Dragon Egg.

System Mechanics

To enter the Dragon Soul page, tap on the Dragon Soul button on the lower right corner of the main HUD. The button should appear after you complete the level 40 quest, Path to Power.

System Mechanics - Dragon Soul System Guide WHOH

Main Interface

Players will receive the Dragon Egg upon completing the level 40 quest, Path to Power.

Dragon Egg - Dragon Soul System Guide WHOH

Players can tap on the Feed button to consume the Dragon Essence to hatch the Dragon Soul from the Dragon Egg. After the egg is hatched, players can continue to feed the Dragon Soul with Dragon Essence to level up the Dragon Soul.

(Dragon Essences can be obtained from MP Dungeons, Tormented Necropolis, and Dragon Invasion.)

Dragon Soul - Dragon Soul System Guide WHOH

Once the Dragon Egg is hatched, the page will look like the image above. The level of the Dragon Soul is listed on the upper left hand corner. As you continue to feed the Dragon Soul, its level will increase. Higher level Dragon Souls will have higher attribute boosts.

When the player reaches level 80 and his or her Dragon Soul turns into Legendary Dragon Soul, the Class Advancement system will be unlocked. (see Class Advancement Guide)

Dragon Soul Page After Class Advancement

After Class Advancement - Dragon Soul System Guide WHOH

After the Class Advancement, the Dragon Soul page will look like the image above, with the level of Dragon Soul listed on the upper left corner. Higher level Dragon Souls will give the players more attribute boosts.


Q: Are the boosts from each level advancement for Dragon Soul cumulative?
A: Yes.

Q: What’s that yellow bulb that shows up on the left side of the Dragon Soul page when the Dragon Soul levels up?
A: Tapping on the yellow bulb will pop up a tool-tip to show you the attributes that will receive boosts in this level up. These attributes are also listed on the panel on the right. Any attributes that is not unlocked will display 0.

Q: Why is my Feed button greyed out and nothing happens when I tapped on it?
A: The Feed button will be greyed out and not functional when you don’t have any Dragon Essences.

Reference Data

Dragon Soul levels before Class Advancement, from low to high:

  • Common Dragon Soul
  • Uncommon Dragon Soul
  • Rare Dragon Soul
  • Epic Dragon Soul
  • Legendary Dragon Soul

Dragon Soul levels after Class Advancement, from low to high:

  • Level 1 Dragon Soul
  • Level 2 Dragon Soul
  • Level 3 Dragon Soul
  • Level 4 Dragon Soul
  • Level 5 Dragon Soul
  • Level 6 Dragon Soul
  • Level 7 Dragon Soul
  • Level 8 Dragon Soul

Level Up Data and Boosts

# Name Required Item Qty. Boosts
1 Dragon Egg 0 /
2 Common Dragon Soul 6 Max HP +1%
3 Uncommon Dragon Soul 15 PATK+1%,MATK+1%
4 Rare Dragon Soul 30 PDEF +1%,MDEF +1%
5 Epic Dragon Soul 50 PATK+1%,MATK+1%,PDEF +1%,MDEF +1%,Max HP +1%
6 Legendary Dragon Soul 72 PATK+1%,MATK+1%,PDEF +1%,MDEF +1%,Max HP +1%
7 Level 1 Dragon Soul 0 PDEF +1000
8 Level 2 Dragon Soul 50 CRIT +1000
9 Level 3 Dragon Soul 120 Block +1000
10 Level 4 Dragon Soul 300 MDEF +1000
11 Level 5 Dragon Soul 830 PATK+1000,MATK+1000
12 Level 6 Dragon Soul 1590 Max HP +5000
13 Level 7 Dragon Soul 2240 PDEF +1%,MDEF +1%,Max HP +1%
14 Level 8 Dragon Soul 2890 PATK+1%,MATK+1%

Boosts are cumulative for each level.

Level Up Requirements

There are requirements on the Dragon Soul levels based on your character levels. (Taking the Knight class as example)

  • Lvl 40: Common Dragon Soul
  • Lvl 50: Uncommon Dragon Soul
  • Lvl 60: Rare Dragon Soul
  • Lvl 70: Epic Dragon Soul
  • Lvl 80: Legendary Dragon Soul
  • Trainee Dragon Swordsman: Level 1 Dragon Soul
  • Noble Dragon Swordsman: Level 2 Dragon Soul
  • Grand Dragon Swordsman: Level 3 Dragon Soul
  • Honorary Dragon Swordsman: Level 4 Dragon Soul
  • Imperial Dragon Swordsman: Level 5 Dragon Soul
  • Sacred Dragon Swordsman: Level 6 Dragon Soul
  • Mythic Dragon Swordsman: Level 7 Dragon Soul
  • Master Dragon Swordsman: Level 8 Dragon Soul

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