Defend Sylph Atoll Guide (Sylph Atoll BOSS)

In Wartune Hall of Heroes game update v5.1 players will be able to fight / participate in a new BOSS event in the Sylph Atoll. Players can go to Sylph Atoll via the map in Cloud City.

Sylph Atoll Cloud City - Defend Sylph Atoll Guide

Sylph Atoll Boss Introduction

A random World BOSS will refresh and appear in Sylph Atoll at a set time for 20 minutes. The rules to defeat the BOSS is the same as World BOSS. BOSSes will be refreshed at 11 am and 4:30 pm. All sylphs on the floor where the BOSS will appear will disappear 5 minutes prior to the appearance of the BOSS and will not be refreshed when the BOSS is present.

Refresh Location

There are 4 elemental types of Sylph Atoll BOSSes; each correspond to a floor in the Sylph Atoll. The maps in Sylph Atoll will be reset at set refresh time. BOSSes will only refresh upon the BOSS refresh times.

Refresh Time

The BOSS in Sylph Atoll is refreshed at 11 am and 4:40 pm every day. The BOSS in the morning is easier to challenge than the one in the afternoon. Maps in which the BOSS will appear in is random.

Refresh Method

When the BOSS is refreshed in the map, there will be an ATTACK icon on top of the BOSS to make it easier for the players to tap on.

The BOSS will level up or down based on the players’ attacks.

Sylph Atoll Boss - Defend Sylph Atoll Guide

Sylph Atoll Boss 2 - Defend Sylph Atoll Guide

Rules to Challenge the BOSS

This event is optional for all players and will not count towards the player’s devotion. It is open to all Level 50 players who has access to the Sylph system and Sylph Atoll.

This event does not allow solo player to participate in battles. All members who participated in the BOSS fight will receive rewards. If the players failed the challenge, they will revive at the Sylph Atoll teleport. Sylph Atoll BOSS is similar to the World BOSS and is extremely hard to defeat. A party of 4 is highly recommended for participating in this event. The system will default to full awakening points when entering battle.

The battle consumes no awakening points and morphing state can be removed during battle.

Awakening points - Defend Sylph Atoll Guide

Defend Sylph Atoll Rewards

Once the BOSS has been defeated, a notification will be sent to all servers to announce the rewards payouts. For each boss defeated:

Rank 1: Sylph Crystalloids × 50, Sepulcrums × 20, Mount Training Whips × 20, Title: Sylph Atoll Defender
Rank 2: Sylph Crystalloids × 25
Rank 3: Sylph Crystalloids × 15
Rank 4-10: Sylph Crystalloids × 10
Rank 11-200: Sylph Crystalloids × 5

Extra rewards for damage degree

Extra rewards are given upon reaching 6% damage to the BOSS, 9% and 12%.

Lucky Prize

Lucky Prize is given out when there are more than 40 participants in the Defend Sylph Atoll event. The Lucky Prize will be given out to a random, non-No.1 party, for level 50+ players

Sylph Crystalloids

Sylph Crystalloids can be used to exchange for various nice rewards including a Mount.


Q: When will the BOSS in Sylph Atoll appear? Will there be an announcement?
A: An announcement will be made to all servers 5 minutes prior to the appearance of the BOSS: “BOSS will invade the Sylph Atoll in 5 minutes. The sylphs of the island are temporarily sheltered from it. Lords, please be prepared to defeat the enemy.” Once the BOSS appeared, a new announcement will be sent to all servers: “XXX has appeared at Sylph Atoll X floor. Lords, go defeat him.”

Q: Why can’t I start the battle with the BOSS?
A: Players must have accompanying sylph or set sylph in battle mode in order to trigger the battle with the BOSS. If the player didn’t do any of the above, he or she will receive the following error message: “Have not brought any sylphs, cannot join the fight.” “Have not set up any sylphs, cannot join the fight.”. All other members in the party will be able to enter the battle and should not be affected.

Q: What happens if we failed the challenge?
A: When the battle is lost, the entire party will be revived at the Sylph Atoll teleport after 10 seconds. Players will not be able to use balens to revive or enter battle immediately.

Q: How are the points calculated? Would my point still be there if I leave the party?
A: The points are accumulated from the damage dealt by all members of the party. Rankings are based on the amount of points gotten. If two parties have the same points, then they will be ranked based on their total Battle Ratings. Points will not be removed if a member leaves the party.

Q: How are rewards distributed?
A: All members of the same party will receive the same rewards. The No.1 party’s rewards will be announced. Only members who are lower than level 50 will not receive rewards, all other members should receive rewards regardless if they are in Sylph Atoll.

Q: How does the Lucky Prize work? How come there is no Lucky Prize sometimes?
A: The Lucky Prize is given out to a random party that is not No.1 party, with level 50+ players. Lucky Prize is only available if there are more than 40 participants in the Defend Sylph Atoll event. If there are not enough participants, an announcement will be made: “Unfortunately, there are less than 40 people participating in the activity, no lucky prize will be released.”

Q: Is the Sylph Atoll Defender title permanent?
A: The title will expire in 1 day. For example, your party killed the BOSS at 11:16 am, you will receive the title at 11:16 am. This title will be expired at the second day on 11:16 am. If you didn’t kill the BOSS within 20 minutes and the event is over, you will receive the title at 11:20 am that expires at 11:20 am the next day.

Q: Will the level of the BOSS change?
A: Yes. The rules are as follow:

BOSS Level Down: If the BOSS did not get killed within 20 minutes after attack, the BOSS will level down by 1 level.
BOSS Level Up: BOSS will level up every 6 minutes, max 4 levels at one time

  • Kill within 6 minutes, level up 4 levels
  • Kill within 6-9 minutes, level up 3 levels
  • Kill within 9-13 minutes, level up 2 levels
  • Kill with 13-20 minutes, level up 1 level

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