Compensation Package due to Login issues 29 May 2015

Wartune Heroes! Apologizing for the login issues and the caused frustration to our players we would like to propose the following compensation to everyone especially in view of missing the Guild Battle and World Boss.

Please note that we are giving the compensation packages to ALL players even though not everyone was present, not everyone participated, not everyone was affected.

Compensation Package:

  • 1 million gold
  • 500 insignia
  • 30 mount training whips
  • Level 2 EXP Scroll x3
  • 20 stamina potion x3
  • Double Honor Scroll x2
  • and the 110 balens were already given out allowing ALL players to also spin the Lucky Wheel

I think this is a good package,
I hope all players will appreciate,
GM Cosmos

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Author: DolyGames

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