Class Wars Ranking Explanation

Hi guys, since I received a lot of questions about Class Wars ranking I write a dedicated post to explain it again/more.

Class Wars Preliminaries Ranking

1st start the Class Wars Preliminaries. During the Preliminaries there are 15 battles and during these battles you gain points for winning/losing fights. Based on the total points which you accumulate for all the 15 battles the game calculates if you are eligible to enter the Top 100 or not. The cut off point is roughly speaking around 3400 points – a bit higher or lower depending on which servers/players participate and if there is just one Class Wars Grouping or there are several based on time-zones or other grouping criteria (at present we have just one Class Wars for all servers in Wartune HOH).

Based on your points you get a rank for the Class Wars Preliminaries and you are told if you qualified for the Class Wars Finals or not.

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Class Wars Finals Ranking

As explained in point 5 of the help window, once you are qualified for Top 100 then the game ranks the Top 100 players based on Battle Rating in the Class Wars Finals’ Ranking (which has nothing to do with your Preliminaries Ranking). Top 16 will enter the Warlord’s Hall and the rest will enter the Warrior’s Hall. Then when the fighting starts players of each Hall will fight one another. So naturally players should try to increase their battle rating (BR) as much as possible.

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Ranking Related Questions I get

Q: I won majority of fights during the Preliminaries, why did I get a low ranking in the Finals?
A: The Preliminaries performance / gained points / ranking is used to determine if you enter the Finals / Top 100. Once inside Top 100 then BR is used to determine which Hall / Ranking you will start in.

Q: Why is Top 100 based on BR?
A: There are 3 parts to this answer:
Part 1) For people falling in the Warrior’s Hall it does not matter at all what the starting ranking, based on BR, is as your rewards are based on your final ranking which depend on your performance.
Part 2) For people on the border-line between Warlord’s and Warrior’s Halls: this is a nasty place to be in because if you manage to be above the line this gets you better rewards, so especially if you are on this borderline you got to fight hard to keep your BR above the line.
Part 3) There are basically 2 indicators to use for ranking, one is the points earned in the Preliminaries and the second is the Battle Rating. Since the points earned in the Preliminaries can be heavily based on luck (matching with weaker or stronger opponents) then the Battle Rating is a more accurate indicator for the Top 100 starting ranking. Of course the Final ranking and rewards are based on your performance in the two Halls.

Q: I defeated Player ABC in the Preliminaries but he is ranked higher than me in the Top 100 – how come?
A: There is no connection between those two things. Your Preliminaries’ victory will earn you more points and increase the chances that you enter Top 100. But once inside Top 100 your initial or starting rankings will depend on BR and your final rankings will depend on your performance in the Finals.

Q: How did a weaker player than myself manage to enter the CW Finals and I did not?
A: To enter the Finals / Top 100, you just need to accumulate a certain number of points, so it is very much possible that someone else accumulates more points than you even if they are weaker in BR or stats. This can be due to matching and/or PvP skills / performance.

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  1. What determines who wins a battle if it times out?
    Not BR I have won against larger players lost against smaller? thought it might be damage however if his sylphs and edmon are all dead and i still have all mine hard for me to believe i did less damage? samething for HP?
    What gives?…lol

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