Class Wars Preliminary MAGES (Feb 2016) – Misty

Greetings Heroes! In this post we share with you an example of Class Wars Preliminary round battles from Mage Class (thanks to Misty; Feb 2016 CW) and below you can find the video and some more information:

Character overview:

Not a lot of changes from last class wars. Increase in Intel stats are from mount training event. Finally reached level 4 stables. I was lucky enough to get one clothing identification (out of numerous tries xD). I increased my Cerberus stats and that’s the huge chunk of BR I gained over the month. I also managed to synthesize 2 more level 5 resist crystals. Also, I got an level 10 goddess blessing astral (30% damage reduction)

Class Wars Preliminary MAGES (Feb 2016) - Misty

Class wars strategy:


I use Cerberus for mage class wars (Since its my highest stat sylph xD)


  • Lot of players use Herc as their sylph for class wars, so they wont be protected much with resistance (Fire would most likely be their second choice for protection)
  • If a player has a decent red res, they could potentially 2 shot equal or slightly above players
  • Skills I use: I start with devouring lava (265% which reduces PDEF by 10% for 3 rounds) and then try to finish players with Delphic (440% dmg)


  • I will not have high electro resist to take in high damage from herc users
  • I could potentially be 2 shot with any herc users with stats close to or even less than my stats

Overall, it a gamble that I take with consideration that I would sylph first and clean them in two rounds. You will see evidence for clearing players in two rounds from the class wars video (and also me getting wiped out in two hits xD).


  • Deflect astral is a must: It’s a battle deciding astral with 75k deflect dmg in 50% additional attack period
  • Regen astral doesn’t work in pvp situations (till now)
  • Enhanced guardian angel could be used (to reduce opponent crit rate)
  • Illusion astral can also be used for getting 1 dmg on Delphic (Need to be super lucky to get it)

I personally went in with block astral for prelims (to cheap BR) and also I had decent success with it in last cw.


  • I used guardian (level 8) and heal rune (level 6)
  • High level amnesia rune is a killer as well (it can bloc up to 5 skills if maxed)
  • Bleed rune – to negate Suntoria effect


Bolt, rain of fire, restoration, and Suntoria. These are my four main skills. Depending on the rounds and win/loss rate I either switch to thunderer or blessed light. Most of the mages heal back to full health before sylph. But, their patterns can be disturbed if higher dmg dealt.

Video: WartuneHOH Gameplay CLASS WARS Preliminary Round MAGES (Feb 2016) – Misty

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